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Skincredible...dump the junk and put these in your beauty regime

Before I dive into my top favorite and more importantly truly organic and chemical free products I want to start off by saying a couple things:

1.) The health of your skin depends not only on your daily skincare regime but also and more importantly on your lifestyle.  The type of food you intake, your stress levels, your gut health, your genetic predisposition, and your delicate hormone balance.

2.) All the brands I mention below I have personally tried, researched, and would recommend based on the purity and effectiveness of the formulas. 

3.) Just because a product advertises to be "pure," "paraben free," or "organic" doesn't necessarily mean the product as a whole is as safe as they would like you to believe it is.  My advice is get in the habit of religiously reading the labels before purchasing a new product.  Get educated on the dirty dozen chemicals lurking in your beauty products.  And if any of the ingredients listed you could not safely consume internally than its best to leave the product alone.   Also watch out for so called healthy preservatives like "grapefruit seed extract."  I will go more into detail in on another page. 

Haircare:  Hands down, Morrocco Method Int'l haircare is by far the purest of them all.  Not only are they truly chemical free, but they are the only raw, gluten free, and vegan haircare line to not use any lathering agents or toxic ingredients.  They utilize the 5 elements of earth, wind, fire, air, and water in creating their shampoos which you rotate everyday.   Since I began using their products over 10 yrs ago they have dramatically expanded their line.  Since my hair is very fine and oily I learned that its best not to shampoo my hair every day.  Also I don't need the extra conditioner in their daily regime. 

My top picks: 
  1. 5 elements shampoos (rotated and used every other day
  2. Zen Detox Hair and Scalp therapy (this is amazing for washing out your previous shampoos toxic residue and therefore lifting the chemicals out from beneath your scalp.)  
  3. Volumizing Mist (I prefer this to the diamond mist.  It gives my hair a nice lift)
  4. Scalp massager and natural boar bristle brush- (less abrasive that other cheaper brands.  Use morning and night) (

Body care:  

I have several favorite products.

  1. Dry skin brush- ideally use daily, every morning before showering in a circular motion starting from the feet going up.  It sloughs off the dead skin and activates lymphatic drainage.
  2. Tremblay Apiaries Bee Sudz Handmade Honey and Shea Butter Soap- if you live locally in nyc, you can find this at the union square farmers market. 
  3. The Vital Image- Shaving Miracle.  The best shaving gel that prevents you from getting nicks when you shave.
  4. Simple Divine Botanicals deodorant in Lavender scent.  This stuff is awesome, has no chemicals whatsoever, and is preserved with 24k gold.
  5. Simple Divine Botanicals Butter Me Up Hand and Body Moisturizing Butter.  This stuff is like candy for the body.  It smells heavenly and leaves you extra soft.  I like the cinnabon scent.  
  6. Bee Yummy Skinfood.  If you want a lotion that not only is healing but doesn't leave an oily residue this is for you.  Great for dancers and/or stage performers.  A bit Pricy but well worth it.
  7. Dr. Bronner's Body Wash- great for taking to the gym to shower with or using daily. Available at drugstores and whole foods markets nationwide.  I like the peppermint scent best.
  8. Beekman's C.O.P.A soaps- Handmade from Coconut, Olive, Palm, and Almond oils in variety of natural scents.
  9. E3 Live handmade soap with Kelp and rare Kukui Nut Oil
  10. Moroccan Elixir- Pure Argan Oil.  Amazing for the skin and nails and its not diluted with other carrier oils

Facial Care:

1. Luzern Labs Pure Cleansing Gelee, Micro-Exfoliant, and Serums- My holistic facialist was the first to tell me about this line.  This a spa quality line that does have some chemical components however these are not top cancer causing/concerning ingredients.  They have no sulfates/parabens/synthetic fragrances/petro-chemicals/etc-

2.  Tracie Martyn Purifying Cleanser, Enzyme Exfoliant, and Firming Serum- These are my new favorite products!  A vegan skincare line created by famed facialist Tracie Martyn.  Its super simplistic so no need for fancy serums.  Trying substituting the body firming lotion for your face and start smiling. While I could not confirm whether the soy is GMO free or not, this line is still one of the cleanest spa quality lines on the market.

3. Dr. Alkatis toner- I love this toner- it doesnt dry the skin and is extremely effective.  I would not however recommend his face wash as the blend of oils may not be compatible with you.   Also, if you decide to try his other products definitely contact the company and find out the sourcing for the grapefruit seed extract.

4. Isun rhassoul refining exfoliant- I love this product- you will be amazed how much smaller your pores can look with daily use of this.

5. Ann Marie Gianni Anti aging face oil*- The owner, is the wife of the popular online raw food radio show personality and decided to dive into skincare.  Definitely no chemicals whatsoever in her formulations.

6. Moroccan Elixir- Pure Argan Oil.  Amazing for the skin and not diluted with other carrier oils  I've been using this most recently in lieu of my usual moisturizer and love how soft and smooth my skin has become.

7.  Young Living Frankincense/Helichrysum/Copaiba/Sandlewood Oils- A little goes a long way.   Apply a couple drops of one or more oils of your choosing one at a time directly on the skin and be amazed to see how soft and smooth your skin looks.  The oils I mentioned are particularly good for acne prone skin.  You could easily use this in place of moisturizer. 

*A little secret Ann Marie Gianni's followers might not be aware of is that her formulations are more or less a copy of ISUN's line with slight variations.  A beauty supplier told me this in response to my inquiry why she opted not to sell Ann Marie Gianni's line as she told me that they use the same formulator as ISUN (which she was already selling) for her products.* 


1. Ascended Health's Oralive- ( The highest quality and purest superfood filled toothpaste on the market.  An added bonus is if you digest it instead of spitting it out it contributes to healthy gut flora.

2. Toothsoap- First famed by raw food community for its purity and cavity prevention.  Easy to use but has a strong soap like taste so if you're used to sugary toothpastes I would opt for oralive instead and/or young living oils toothpaste as a beginning transition.   (

3. Young Living's Thieves and peppermint essential oils-These are the purest oils on the market and are the only line I know that you can take internally because they are unadulterated. Thieves is great to dab on teeth that are showing signs of cavity to target.  Peppermint is the best natural breath freshner.   You typically have to purchase them through a distrubutor so feel free to email me if you want more information.  (

4. Tongue scraper- I recommend Dr. Tung's tongue cleaner over other models.   A must do when you first wake up to clear out the old dirty bacteria on your tongue from the night prior.  It will go a long way in helping bad breath.  (

5.  Oral Irrigator-  My holistic dentist tuned me into this product as daily preventative care for the teeth.  He prefers this particular brand over cheaper similar models as this one is magnetized.  (

6.  Health gum drops-  Another option instead of thieves to use.  Put a dab on your floss to target hard to reach areas in the mouth.  (

7. Vita-Myr Mouthwash- A great alternative to traditional mouthwash without the chemicals.  Its not very sweet but has zinc, folic acid, and essential oils to create a healthy mouth.  (


1. AlimaPure Cosmetics- The purest and most diversified mineral makeup line I have come across.  They have quite a few brighter hues of eye color to work with although the minerals can be difficult to apply to eye area.  I particularly like their primer foundation, foundation, and finishing powder best.  And unlike other brands you see at sephora- AlimaPure has no nano-particles and no toxic bismuth oxycholoride. 

2. RMS Beauty-  A top makeup artist who because extremely chemically sensitive and decided to bridge her love of the raw food lifestyle and cosmetics.  I love their concealer. Its more of cream oil base but goes on sheer and has more coverage.

3. Real Purity Pressed Powder Blush- Carmine free, Vegan, and Fragrance Free in vibrant pinks 

4. 100% Pure Organic Vegan Cosmetics.  I like their lipsticks and blushes so far the best.  Available at Integral Yoga Foods in NYC and various drug stores around the country.

5. Dr. Alkatis- I love his eye makeup remover.  Made of pure almond oil.  Your eyes no longer burn when wiping off your eye makeup and it perfect for moisturizing under eye area. (

6. Priti NYC nail polish- No nail polish will ever likely be completely chemical free but this line is a least free of the three most toxic nail polish ingredients: Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl phthalate (DBP).  This line comes in a variety of colors to suit your palette.  They also have an acetone free nail polish remover that is equally good.

8.  ILIA lipstick and lip exfoliator.   A new fav of mine sourced from almost all organic ingredients with vivid red and pink shades.  And don't forget their lip exfoliator for a perfect pout.  My fav shade is wild child and balmy nights exfoliator. 

9. No Miss nail polish- Same benefits as above line with a variety of colors and sold at Whole Foods Markets around the country or at (

10.  HoneyBee Gardens Nail Polish Remover- Acetone free which means less damaging to the nails.  (

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